The Straightness Training Evaluation Program

Get Your Own Videos Reviewed

The ST Evaluation Program is the online video evaluation system of The Straightness Training Academy.

Through videos you can demonstrate a Straightness Training session with your horse, and thanks to feedback and valuable tips from ST Evaluators, you are able to progress much faster as you would do on your own.

Since the start of the program thousands of videos have been reviewed from riders and horses from all over the world: Indonesia, Taiwan, Brazil, Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and many countries in Europe, North America and other continents.

This Is How It Works

Get Evaluated. Get Certified.

Show us the exercises you practice in the training pillars groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding, or Straightness Training at liberty and we help you get your work from the basic level all the way up to the more advanced levels – from grade 1 to grade 5.

Each of the five training pillars has been divided into five grades, where a grade represents the complexity of exercises and skills, and where grade 5 covers the most advanced exercises and skills.

To evaluate your ability at a certain grade in a certain training pillar, you can submit a video with a set of pre-defined exercises, called a Touchstone.

You can submit one Touchstone at a time, and when you pass this Touchstone, you’ll receive a Touchstone Certificate. 

When you pass all five Touchstones in a certain grade, you will be awarded a Grade Certificate.

In total, 25 Touchstones certificates and 5 Grade Certificates can be obtained.

The Straightness Training Academy

Get Coached. Get Better. Get Results.

The ST Evaluation Program is part of Marijke de Jong’s Straightness Training Academy.

In The ST Academy you can get coached, get better and get the results you are looking for with your horse – no matter what level, age, size or conformation.

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